Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Patch of His Presence

God is opening uncommon doors. As we share, sing, and just filter throughout the crowd, we are watching as God is breaking down barriers and encouraging the heart of the people. There are awful things going on everywhere, what’s different is where the light is in the middle of the dark. A large percentage of the people that are drawn in by the worship attend church already. The ones being drawn though, are usually bruised and weary from the walk. As they enter this little patch of God’s presence located in a downtown park, they drink it in allowing God to quench a desperate thirst. We are finding people that are hurt and just need a place to heal. We are aware that not a single person may walk with us longer than this one moment, but what the Lord has us doing is bigger than us, it is of the Body of Christ.

One of our newest members of the WW team is a puppy named Knightley. People love to pet and talk to him. He has been an excellent ice breaker. Just this past week, he was able to minister to a woman who lost both of her dogs in one day. She just sat their petting him as she opened her heart and listened to the music.

“The week before I met a wonderful gentleman, who was impressed by the spiritual initiative of the WW young worship team, he had shared that week that he was going to have heart surgery on Wednesday. God helped me pray for him that he would have that peace that passes all understanding. To my amazement, he was back this Friday night just sitting on a bench. I went over to him and we started sharing again. He explained that many people had prayed for healing for him, but that one little prayer for peace meant more in the rough times of the week than all of the other prayers. He said he had always heard people praise God for helping them through their illness, but didn’t really understand it until he was right there in the middle of it. He thanked the Lord for that peace he had.”

“God has been helping me to share with people that are so different from one another. Some have a hunger for God, some not, but what is important is that we are connecting to everyone.”

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