Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The WW Planting in Greer

Sitting on the front step, looking out across the street to the beautiful, well-manicured park, we were looking out over the possibilities and promises the Lord has in store.

It was over five years ago. Wow… five years. A word was sown, a promise spoken to Pastor Jonathan Wagner, and amazingly, simultaneously to Pastor Thomas Young (who was in a foreign country at the time) that there would be a day when God would plant the Wagner family in Greer to begin their ministry to the community.

And it has been a long wait. Unlike many other ministers and ministries, Pastor Jonathan had chosen long ago to submit every decision, opinion, or plan to the Lord. He wanted God to initiate this work. He had watched too many times the plans of man fail, but also seen how what God begins never ends.

Two years ago, Pastor Jonathan, felt inspired to go into one of Greer’s beautiful family parks and just begin loving on the people. He and the faithful group with him handed out popsicles, water, and the love and acceptance of God. They worshipped under the trees and tried to touch the heart of the people. This activity got the attention of many of the patrons of this small park. One family from South America who had been living and working in the U.S. for over twenty years said that, they were the first Americans to ever speak with them just because they wanted to be friendly. This little friendly group returned Sunday evening after Sunday evening to find new friends they hadn’t met yet. God brought everyone joy!

Little did Pastor Jonathan know, but God had established in him the vision of Without Walls. This is the vision of bringing worship and fellowship out of the four walls and making the presence of the Lord available to people who need Him most. We are much in debt to his listening, waiting, and obedience.

Pastor Jonathan has continued to wait on the Lord to lead him in the next step on this incredible journey.

Just a few weeks ago, Pastor Thomas and Pastor Jonathan were exploring the city of Greer in hopes of finding that next step. They were impressed by the Lord that it was time, so wanting to be obedient to that confirmation, they became proactive. When you hear from the Lord and don’t know what to do, sometimes you should get moving in that direction and that momentum will lead you to the specifics. And this is a case in point! An unbelievable opportunity presented itself for the Wagner family to be planted themselves in a beautiful home in the heart of city. This is the perfect home directly across the street from another beautiful park where the ministry of Without Walls may continue.

And the witness to the community has already begun! The last two Saturdays the WW crew has been testifying in practical ways that something different is happening in this place. When you have 25 people show up on two consecutive weekends to wash, fix, weed, move furniture and boxes, etc, your neighbors are going to take notice.

So as we sit on this beautiful front porch and ponder the amazing ways of our faithful God, we pray that God would establish this planting. Giving it deep roots to hold one steady through the storms of life, shady branches to cover the hurting and tired, and much fruit to a hungry people. Lord, multiply, manifest, magnify this humble beginning. Amen!

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